Through the dedication Marigold Services Group have to our clients and broader community, we understand the importance of supplying products which are both fit for purpose and economical. We have seen through the COVID-19 pandemic a vast array of products, such as hand sanitizer and face masks being recommended and used everywhere. It is important to note that knowing the right products made from the right ingredients, that are in-line with international guidelines and regulations, will help best equip us with the ability to fight this pandemic.

With this in mind, Marigold Services Group is offering a limited supply of Australian-made, hospital grade, hand sanitizer manufactured by 1st Guard.

1st Guard Hand’s sanitizer is an 80% Isopropanol based product which has been manufactured to be compliant with the guidelines supplied by the World Health Organization (WHO) on efficacy against viruses and bacteria.

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1st Guard Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser

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Note : 1st Guard is avoiding price gouging at these times as they want to make a difference for Australians and so they want to come in at a price that works for Australians.