Signs of an Effective Strata Cleaning Company in Ryde

There are many cleaning companies out there who claim to provide an effective service for the owner’s corporation yet when it comes down to the finer details often fall short. What we believe makes a service effective is truly understanding the intricate details of how Strata cleaning works and tailoring a specific cleaning solution for each complex. This is especially true for areas such as Ryde and below are some key points of a cleaning solution which we have found the better companies out there consider when servicing a building:

  1. The use of effective and up to date cleaning machinery and technology: In Ryde there are often Strata plans with multiple buildings that have spacious lobbies with beautiful hard floor surfaces. They are usually adjoined by a large courtyard where residents spend time with kids and/or pets and have timber decks with a barbeque area. An effective company will offer to store a walk behind scrubbing machine to efficiently clean these floor surfaces. This also saves time for the cleaners on site who would otherwise have to mop all these surfaces. If a water source was not conveniently available some cleaners may end up using a dirty mop due to wringing the mop in dirty water. To achieve a perfect finish consistently the best method would be to use a walk behind scrubber which most companies out there surprisingly are not doing. This is only one example of many which utilizing cleaning technologies yields a more effective result.

  2. Creating a good relationship with Ryde’s local council: A vital part of any complex is its waste management plan. This often falls onto the strata or building management to take care of, however, an effective Strata cleaning company will include this as part of their everyday activity. Late or missed waste collections happen for many reasons. The most common we hear is “the truck was full and so council has rescheduled with their waste contractor for pick up the next day”. Often, they do not consider or know that the cleaners need the bins emptied to fill up the compactor carousels to catch waste that is continually coming through the chutes. One of many reasons why we contact the local councils to let them know the waste management plan of each complex and to work together with them to ensure a smooth service week on week. With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, this has further complicated things as many people have been working from home which has increased the amount of waste generated from the complex. Having a relationship with your local council goes along way in ensuring both sides are aware and adjusting the service accordingly.

  3. Regular inspections and reporting: Owner’s and management often fall out of touch with the cleaning conditions of a complex, usually if they are investors or manage offsite. An effective cleaning company will usually send regular monthly reports as part of their quality management plan which keeps owners and management informed, showing them the condition of their complex and the challenges that have been encountered. This is often beneficial for owners who have invested in multiple apartments across say Ryde and surrounding areas as it gives them a snapshot of each complex monthly.

If you are looking for a Strata cleaning company in Ryde that can tailor a service to the needs of your complex, do not hesitate to reach out to our team for an onsite consultation.