Common Issues in Strata Complexes across Lidcombe


Service, Protect, Maintain. These are the three main goals which the building management team at Marigold aim to achieve every day for our clients. Our building managers come across a diverse range of challenges that our residents, executive committees and strata managers experience and with the assistance of our knowledgeable team and proprietary software system we can overcome them.

Over the years we have seen Lidcombe continue to evolve and along the way we have documented some common problems that numerous complexes in the area have experienced. Here are some challenges you may be facing in your complex and how our building managers at Marigold can assist to prevent and overcome them:

1. Building defects: In Lidcombe most buildings are nearing or at the end of their major defect period. It is important to remember that builders are still obligated to fix all outstanding major defects that have been documented and brought to the builder’s attention. The key here is making sure major defects are documented and reported before this warranty period ends. With the assistance of a knowledgeable building manager as well as an independent building inspector, a full list of defects can be recorded and reported which can potentially save owners tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, time, and a lot of stress. Often, some major defects do not begin to be apparent until years after OC. Having a proper defects rectification plan ensures owners do not incur the bill for poor workmanship which may lead to further damages.

2. Auditing: Auditing of residents and contractors is a healthy measure any large complex should undertake regularly (at least yearly). In Lidcombe and other high-density suburbs with a high concentration of apartment complexes, it can quickly become difficult to track who all the current residents are that live on site. Carrying out regular resident audits and having a proper move in/out booking system as well as being aware of who the property managers are who look after the apartments in your complex goes along way to staying updated. Having information such as how many occupants in each unit, what pets (if allowed) and what and how many vehicles they drive assists the building manager in enforcing by-laws as well as improving the overall security of the complex on behalf of the owners. Similarly, knowing which contractors regularly attend your complex and their details enables swift actions during emergency and ease of contact when things need to be done.

3. Car park management: Another problem in high density areas such as Lidcombe is that parking can become a nightmare for residents at a complex which do not have a building manager who is effectively policing the car park. Freeing up visitor’s parking and making sure cars are not obstructing thoroughfare or parked illegally ensure that the complex is safe and secure. The owner’s corporation can be liable for any damages incurred by unauthorized vehicles which come in to take advantage of vacant parking spots in a complex they perceive as easy to access. This is even more common if the roads surrounding your complex do not offer kerbside parking or are always full. Marigold offer a range of different strategies which are utilized by our building managers which start from parking infringement notices all the way to automated parking systems.

4. Revenue increasing/cost reducing activities: A vital part to effective management is being able to identify methods the owner’s corporation can utilize to generate revenue, claim back expenses from damages or reduce overall ongoing maintenance costs. With the assistance of a knowledgeable building management company, these opportunities can be presented to the owner’s corporation. For example, in Lidcombe and similar areas where rooftops of buildings can have vacant space, Marigold have been able to successfully facilitate initiatives such as:

1. Solar panel installations to reduce overall power consumption in common areas.

2. Mobile phone antenna towers installed by telecommunication companies who rent the vacant rooftop space from the owner’s corporation.

3. Electric car charging stations

4 Investigating and claiming back costs for damages done to garage entry doors, dumped bulk rubbish and any other damages caused by residents or visitors.

Engaging an effective and knowledgeable building management company, especially in Lidcombe, will go a long way to ensuring your complex is safe, ensures your strata budgets are met and ultimately levies stable as well as valuation of your complex protected for years to come. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to enquire with our friendly team today.